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The ITV series “Love Your Garden” with Alan Titchmarsh filmed the garden I designed for The Orchard House last week as inspiration for a garden they are currently building. The feel they were looking for was Tranquility, particularly when provided by water, and The Orchard House was chosen from amongst a shortlist of gardens to showcase just that. The garden at The Orchard House, which has won awards from both BALI and APL, is lucky to have two entirely self contained courtyards. Each has a very different feel.

The first courtyard, which provided Love Your Garden with the water inspiration they needed, has two still water canals joined by bridges of stone, as well as a gentle fountain feature providing a very calming sound of water. The colours of this garden are unusual and reflect a wall hanging made for the owner by her sister, with tones of red and orange, subdued by blue-greys.

The second courtyard is a predominantly white and green garden, with accents of pale blue, pink and mauve. It is a very gentle colour scheme, providing the Love Your Garden team with a second valuable inspiration for Tranquility.

There is also a very different part of the garden along the driveway with more of an historic feel. Thanks to the lovely warm Easter we had, the apple blossom in the orchard was just perfect for filming.

The new series of Love Your Garden will be screened from August 2019.

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