Gardens as Therapy


A well designed garden can be a source of great pleasure. This can be particularly true for anyone coping with illness or disability, or who is spending more time at home, when the practical and therapeutic benefits of a garden can make a real difference.

On a practical level, a garden can be designed with appropriate access to and from the house (which may be VAT free), eg for wheelchair use; ensuring an accessible route around the garden; or incorporating features such as shaded seating or raised planters.

The therapeutic benefits of a garden for many people cannot be underestimated. The joy of looking at an ever changing scene; of seeing the wildlife that visits; of not just seeing the garden but hearing, smelling, feeling and even tasting; the satisfaction of having something to nurture at a time of being the recipient of the care of so many others.

The garden above was designed to provide a step free route around the entire gently sloping garden. Utilising sweeping curves and generous widths of paving makes manoeuvring around the garden with limited mobility a pleasure. A bench is sited to take in the beautiful views across the Wiltshire countryside, and the planting attracts a wealth of wildlife as well as including a useful and attractive herb bed.

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This post was written by Christine Whatley on November 30, 2016 5:41 pm

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