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I have been asked to design several gardens in which sculpture plays a key role. Sometimes the sculpture is already there and I design the garden to feature that sculpture, sometimes I design the sculpture itself, or in other gardens I design spaces where the client can add items themselves. In the garden above the client already had the bronze Gymnast sculpture, and has added the glass sculptures and various others since the garden has been completed.

Sculpture can act as a focal point to a view within the garden. It may be in a prime spot to be seen from key places such as the house, or may be something that enhances a hidden view within the garden that rewards someone for exploring.

Sculpture can give interest to the garden in winter when many plants are less of a draw. Indeed it can look very different in winter than summer – I have an iron sculpture of a Crane created at Keltneyburn Smithy next to my pond. In summer it nestles amongst the ferns, but in winter it stands alone and tall in the frost providing balance to the nearby Rowan tree.

Sculpture is a very personal thing and whether specially commissioned or not, a piece can carry great meaning for the person who chooses it. It makes sense therefore to site it carefully, and to be selective about how many pieces to include – less is generally more. Hidden fixings can improve security and if possible get information from the artist about care and maintenance of the piece.

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This post was written by Christine Whatley on January 30, 2017 10:48 am

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