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NewWild Garden

This year saw the publication of a new book by Ian Hodgson titled New Wild Garden. In the book, Ian outlines the benefits and challenges of wild-style planting in all its forms.

One of my gardens in the courtyard of a barn conversion in Wiltshire is included in Ian’s book, and has been used to illustrate how to make best use of and work with the sun. The courtyard is a very open sunny space with a bespoke bench positioned to make the best of the views over the rolling Wiltshire downland beyond the wildflower meadow adjoining the courtyard. The planting within the courtyard consists of grasses and Mediterranean type plants that are well able to cope with the conditions, and with the added benefits that they come alive with the wind and sunlight, and are a mecca for insects.

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This post was written by Christine Whatley on June 23, 2016 2:15 pm

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