Ending 2014 on a high


In September I reported that I had been awarded the BALI Design Excellence award for my design for The Orchard House. I’m now thrilled to say that at the recent BALI Awards ceremony it was announced that I had won the coveted Principal Design Excellence Award for 2014.

In my previous post in September I mentioned that I designed the garden around Joseph Priestley’s discovery of Oxygen, forming a narrative around Oxygen’s essential role for plant life. The photo in that post was of the modern part of the garden in the courtyard of the contemporary house. This time I have included a photo of the entrance garden, at the site of the former Pig Stye and Orchard. The planting starts with the most primitive plants including Ginkgo, Magnolia and Ferns, and then moves on to those being brought to cultivation by the great plant hunters of Priestley’s era. Next, in the Orchard, lines of Box “bubbles” symbolise the human desire to control nature.

It’s not often that I design with such a story in mind, but in this case the juxtaposition of the history of the site with the brand new architect designed house lent itself to weaving in some sort of timeline, enthusiastically encouraged by my client Fiona!


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